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If yours is a small plaintiff personal injury law firm, you know the score. It's tough out there. The big companies have endless time and resources with which to frustrate you. It often seems that there's no end to what they are willing to spend on defense costs, rather than offer a discounted--but reasonable--pre trial settlement. Worse, the campaigns they underwrite, both in the media and in Albany, have aggravated the matter by politicizing the atmosphere and effectively poisoning prospective jurors. And it is your clients, and the justice to which they are entitled, that suffer.


Here’s the good news. We level the playing field by offering a genuine alternative to the low-ball settlement offers these big companies calculate, as a statistical matter, you will accept before interrupting your life with the 24/7 commitment demanded by trial combat.


We offer experience, proficiency and enthusiastic representation to attorneys and their clients who have been unable to obtain a fair offer of settlement and who are now facing the prospect of having to settle cheap or proceed to trial. While we have been engaged by, and produced outstanding results for, some of the largest and most prestigious firms in New York City, the majority of our trials have been for smaller firms upon whom the burden of proceeding to a jury trial weighs most heavily. When called upon, we provide a prompt risk/value assessment which is useful regardless of whether our services are retained. In short, we offer top level trial representation for you and your clients at zero cost/overhead. Our financial arrangements are simple and economical.


If this sounds like something you might need now or in the future, call or email. The sooner the better. While we are among the very best “short notice” trial attorneys in the metropolitan area, it is always better to get started well in advance of the final “select” date. The weeks before jury selection can be critical in terms of positioning the matter for the trial to come. Time windows, both statutory and practical, start closing rapidly. Critical expert notices, supplementary pleadings and evidentiary notices must be timely filed. Failure to have identified and accomplished these critical tasks can result in lost settlement leverage. Or worse.


Note: For reasons both ethical and practical, we cannot accept cases against defendant companies who are among our clients and/or who we represent on a regular basis.




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