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Insurance Defense       


Trial Counsel to

Gallo Vitucci Klar

Today's insurance defense firms face the same practical impediments to conducting jury trials that were once exclusively the plaintiff's problem. In recent years, the insurance industry's business model changed dramatically. In the past, insurance defense matters were typically handled by large firms, whose vast case load and clientele required them to maintain a few highly experienced--and highly salaried--trial lawyers. Today, however, insurance defense cases are overwhelmingly being sent to small firms, essentially as a cost-control measure.  Why?  It is easier for the companies to monitor legal expenses and they have more leverage over your small firm to demand low rates. They know you can't afford to lose their business.

You need them more than they need you.

Your problem is that it is difficult to find a seasoned trial attorney with a history of success. But that's exactly what you need! You know that one bad verdict could result in losing the client, along with all the files supported by your laboriously crafted infrastructure. When you do find a credible trial lawyer, he or she is invariably older and accustomed to substantial salaried compensation. And that's the rub: with the rates you are getting, such salary requirements are prohibitive.


We solve that problem by giving your defense firm precisely the same competitive advantage we have always offered other small firms. Our financial arrangements are simple and economical.


One last point. You have worked hard to build your insurance defense practice; spending countless hours courting clients, managing the office, assuming rent obligations, hiring lawyers..only to lose them to the uncertainties of the marketplace just as they are hitting stride. All in the hope of making a decent living on the narrowest of profit margins. The very last thing you need to worry about is that your hard earned business will disappear along with your new trial attorney. That will never happen with us. We are a trial service. Period. We don't have volume litigation management infrastructure. Its not what we do. When we handle your trial, we work for you. If you wish, all reporting to the client-company can be handled entirely by you. While we speak insurance language as well as anybody in the business, and are happy to handle all communication requirements, we understand your concerns and will respect your need to handle all company contacts.

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